CES RoadShow

The new faces of engineering RoadShow is CES' signature pipeline program created in 2005 to inform and excite Northeast Ohio high school students about the profession of engineering and the many career opportunities it offers. The program was initially geared to sophomores and juniors in Cuyahoga and neighboring counties but has expanded its reach to middle school students.

Practicing engineers travel to area schools to talk to students, parents and educators about what engineers do, what it takes to become an engineer, the many career paths open to engineers and much more. Part of the presentation is a video and interactive PowerPoint complete with a Jeopardy game! Special emphasis is given to local resources such as scholarships and internships and the many companies and organizations with jobs available in the region.

The program is made possible by our many member volunteers and is supported financially by our BUGC and Gold Partners and the Lubrizol Foundation.

Sign up to volunteer as a RoadShow ambassador or contact CES to schedule a visit to your school. View the new faces of engineering video.

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