Build Up Greater Cleveland (BUGC)


To support Northeast Ohio's physical and economic development; improve Northeast Ohio's quality of life by enhancing its infrastructure.

Motto: We just get it done!

Formed in 1983 to address the infrastructure crisis in Greater Cleveland, Build Up Greater Cleveland (BUGC) has evolved into a partnership focused on sustaining the region’s infrastructure.

In 2005 BUGC partnered with the Cleveland Engineering Society (CES), giving CES responsibility for its administrative functions. The partnership with CES was indeed appropriate as it allowed BUGC to integrate its education initiatives with those of CES as well as continue with its mission towards public and private collaboration.

The BUGC Human Resources Task Force has set objectives towards educating area high school students and filling the engineering pipeline. This objective correlates with the objective of CES as its staff and members have made a commitment to educate area high school students about the engineering profession as well. CES’ New Faces of Engineering RoadShow program reaches more than 2,000 high school students in Northeast Ohio each year informing them of the many career opportunities in engineering profession. Since 2007 the joint efforts of CES and BUGC has also provided opportunities to increase student awareness about engineering through shadowing and internships.

BUGC recognizes that collaboration, public awareness and sustainable infrastructure are critical for continued success and economic growth in the Northeast Ohio region. Therefore, the BUGC Public Education Program Committee has committed to initiatives that will build a strong support network among local, regional, state and federal officials for public infrastructure planning and investments in Northeast Ohio. These initiatives will be met through the joint efforts of Build Up Greater Cleveland, the Cleveland Engineering Society and the Greater Cleveland Partnership.







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