National Engineers Week Message from CES President David Oshins, P.E.


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National Engineers Week!

February 21 - 27, 2021

Learn · Connect · Lead

On Tuesday, our Past President, Mike Heil PhD, PE, and retired Rocket Scientist from the Air Force and Ohio Aerospace Institute, shared his thoughts on Learn. On Wednesday, our current Vice President, Brett Neff, an Engineer turned Business Development Manager for RE Warner & Associates, expounded on the importance of Connect. Today, I would like to share my thoughts on Lead and how combining all three of these important principles come together to form the strength and backbone of today’s Cleveland Engineering Society (CES).

We all have our origin stories. Those tales we tell people how we got started in our respective industries. The ones where Mom, or Dad, was a doctor, a manufacturer, or an engineer. You remember telling someone that you loved to take things apart to see how they worked, only to put them back together, and in some cases with them working better than they did before. Or maybe it was the story that you enjoyed math and science, so much, that it just became a part of the natural progression of your development. We all started somewhere, with some form of influence that set us down the path we currently travel.

When I first set foot in my high school college advisor’s office, many, many years ago, who would have known that I would have been able to earn my Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and take it on a journey through achieving licensure as a Professional Engineer. Who would have predicted that I would go on to explore project management and then people management on this path? Today, I lead a team of Architects and Engineers, as the Manager of Engineering and Design for The Austin Company, a global Design/ Build Construction Firm, founded in 1878 and headquartered locally in Cleveland Ohio. To my surprise, Wilbert Austin, son of our founding father Samuel Austin, was a Past President of the CES. I am honored to follow in his footsteps.

The Cleveland Engineering Society provides many opportunities to Lead. Whether it is leading one of our many Committees, purposefully setup to enrich the development of our future industry leaders. Or maybe it is by taking the time to inspire the youth, of today, to become scientists and engineers, of tomorrow, through our Outreach and STEM programs.

We all have our origin stories and the journeys we have set out on where along the way we have encountered advisers and mentors; those individuals that gave back to the very industries that made them who they are today.

As we watch National Engineers Week come to an end, think of all the individuals you have Learn(ed) from on your path, (re)Connect with those that have helped you along the way and look for ways you can help to inspire and develop our future Lead(ers).

The Cleveland Engineering Society urges you to Give Back as we commemorate your achievements during National Engineers Week.

David K. Oshins, PE

President, Executive Committee

The Cleveland Engineering Society


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