National Engineers Week Message from CES Vice President Brett Neff


The Cleveland Engineering Society


National Engineers Week!

February 21 - 27, 2021

Learn · Connect · Lead

As we continue to commemorate National Engineers Week, we heard from Past President Dr. Mike Heil on the importance of Learning as a value proposition and priority for our Society. Today I would like to expound on what we have “Learned” and share it with others that we will “Connect” with not only in the Built Industry, but in our daily lives.

What good is knowledge if we do not use it and what better way to use it than to share it with others who share the same passions as we do! As an Engineer, I learned at a very young age that I had a passion for developing relationships. I realized that once I had learned the business of Engineering the best way to help myself and my company grow was to Connect with others who shared my passions. One of the easiest ways for me to do this was to get involved in professional organizations with likeminded people. I submersed myself in these groups and shared my experiences as often as possible. I called it Engaging (Connecting) by making personal introductions to other members or through a trusted partner or peer, a meeting at an event, or a phone call to share a quick introduction. Connecting with people socially can be awkward and very daunting at first. The key is finding common ground and being a good listener. I try to remember to Be Present! If you really want to Connect with people you must focus on being present in your conversations. Make eye contact and really listen to what the person is saying.

The Cleveland Engineering Society (CES) provides many opportunities to Connect with others who share the same values and interests. CES offers a leadership series, technical series, design and construction series, manufacturing symposiums, young professionals’ groups and much more. While we are learning from these sessions, we are developing Connections with other professionals who grow together into tomorrow’s leaders.

Learn · Connect · Lead. It does not matter whether you are an Engineer, Architect, Contractor, or a design professional in the built industry, CES can help you grow.

Brett A. Neff

Vice President

The Cleveland Engineering Society


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